App Review – ReallyMake


The therapeutic potential of pottery for depression and anxiety is increasingly being recognized by the mental health community. But how and why does it work? From the effort-driven reward circuit theory that extols the benefits of manual labor to theories focusing on the biological impact of self-expression, researchers are looking for answers. What ultimately matters, however, is that people are getting better, which is why one developed team integrates pottery in one beautiful app called ReallyMake.

What is ReallyMake?

Start creating your own pottery with the ReallyMake app, an app that’s available on Android, iOS and Amazon as well. Enjoy hours of fun molding your piece, painting, stamping and customizing the way you want to, right there on your smartphone and tablet. ReallyMake is simple to use, designed with intuitive user interface and free for download. Keep reading to find out how the app works.

ReallyMake Highlights

ReallyMake is a feature-rich app, providing various options for you to create and share your pottery. The app allows you to create beautiful ceramic and pottery pieces by molding, painting, stamping and customizing it to your liking. Choose the color of your clay and start designing it with the tools on the screen. Pick colors, stamps, paints, patterns, and easily save your creations to your own gallery. Build your own private art gallery of your favorite self-made pottery pieces, share them with friends on social media, share them with ReallyMake’s community and let other users purchase your art.

Additionally, ReallyMake lets you 3D print your pottery, by real professional artists. So, as you can see, ReallyMake is the tool to take your digital creativity to the real world. Plus, you can use Augmented Reality (AR) to project your pottery on your table or floor to see what it looks like in the real world, and even choose to have it 3D printed by real artists.

You can download the app for free from one of the following links. Download it today and get creative!

Official Website: ReallyMake

App Store Download Link: ReallyMake

Google Play Download Link: ReallyMake

Amazon Download Link: ReallyMake