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News aggregators have dramatically reshaped how we stay informed with the latest news. Newspapers and magazines have become a thing of the past. We’ve moved ahead in a world where all the news we are interested in can be found online, available on our smartphones in seconds. If you are interested in science and like reading the latest science news and articles on a daily basis, we looked and we have the right science news app that offers hundreds of science news and topics. Let’s discuss the app.

What is Science News Daily?

Science News Daily is the fastest science news app which is developed for Android users as one unique and easy to use app that allows all science lovers and readers to find all science news, topics, and articles available directly on their phones. Users on the app have the chance to loads up the news feed as soon as they run the app and read more news in less time. Hundreds of the latest science news and articles are added daily, offering the user to never miss anything from the science world again. Users will get to know the latest scientific discoveries in various fields of science and stay up to date.

Why do we love this news app?

With this science news app and the features offered on it, the user will have the chance to find and read the latest science news, articles and topics with a tap on the app. Instant loading of News, giving the user all news in seconds. With minimal design and fewer options, users will just need to run the app and read. The unlimited scroll is offered and the user can scroll up and down to browse news from any category or swipe left and right to browse news from different categories. News from specific categories can be turned on or off depending on the user’s choice. For quick access to all features, the app has available Left Menu Drawer. If the user wants, he can use the Share button on the top right corner to share news and with the Search feature available on the top bar he can find news depending on his interest.

The app also gives an option for reading the complete news with the source news browser and the user can even use a Bookmark manager to save and manage links to his favorite news for future reference, exporting his bookmarks to a CSV file to save them permanently. In the Settings menu, users can choose between small and large list view and turn off notifications. With more than 10000 news and articles to browse and read from the best sources and from many different science categories for anyone’s taste.

Download the app for free now on Google Play to find and read hundreds of daily science news!

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