Any fan of smartphone games will tell you that one of the most popular genres of games are certainly the action games. Action games, especially the ones with shooting gameplay have ruled the charts and it’s not very surprisingly that these games are constantly created. To help you discover a quality action game full of challenges and excitement, we looked and found one amazing game that is all about the action and the shooting. Let’s discuss about this action game.


SKYSHIP HERO is an amazing addictive and very exciting action game which is developed for android users that like shooting and flying gameplay. Easy to play and yet quite challenging, this game offers its players to enjoy great graphics with charming music and sounds, and all of that with easy and intuitive controls. This game is about action and challenge, the player is the hero who can fly by airship or sky-ship, shooting the enemy on his way and taking him down to win in the war. Full of action and excitement, the game will get the player addicted on his first try.

Why do we love this action game?

This action shooting game is offering the player various quality features that will keep them interested in playing, testing their skills and challenging them each time. The player is the hero who flies by airship or sky-ship to shoot the enemy that is blocking him and his ship is battleship that goes in war against the enemy’s battleship. Each player will need to control the airship and use the virtual pad to go up and down with it. Just by tapping on the enemy the player will aim it and shoot it or use a bomb to blast and shoot the enemies up. Various level designs are offered such as ocean, sky, space and the game is quite accessible to beginner’s as well hard-core shooter addicts. With simple game rules but also surprisingly challenging, this game offers multiple extreme boss battles and 8 different bosses with rich attack patterns to. Giving players minutes of fun and excitement, the game is packed with 7 levels that offer endless fun and challenges of shooting and flying, battling enemies and taking them down.
Download the game for free on Google Play to fly and shoot your enemy to become the ultimate hero!

Google Play Download Link: SKYSHIP HERO