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While the apps on our phones help us entertain and stay informed, we also lose track of time and interest in the real world. Most people spend their day, glaring at their screen, thus, not only getting distracted from their tasks but also harming their eyes. Because of that we need apps to track our phone usage and among so many of these apps to help you choose the best, we looked and we have one amazing usage tracker for your smartphone. Let’s discuss the app.

What is TimeGurus?

TimeGurus is an amazing productivity app which is specially created as a usage tracker and app manager for smartphone users. This app is very easy to use and developed on the Android platform, informing users about the overall time spent on smart devices instantly. Users with the app are able to track their smartphone usage for each application without much effort and get time notifications set by their choice and the messages for these notifications can be customized by the users to fit their needs.

Why do we love this productivity app?

Offering various features to the users, this usage tracker app is including a countdown timer that counts the number of seconds left in the current day and it really makes users think that every second counts. A motivational quote is given to the user every day to start the day right. The overall daily usage bar chart displays the usage for the past seven days and it is displaying the number of unlocks in a day. Also, the app displays the number of interactions with each app, as well as the time of the last interaction with the said app. Records all the activities, from the time the phone is unlocked until it is locked again and the specific apps used in the activities, and the duration of usage for each app with the option for the feature to be customized by the user based on the duration of the activities. With all these features, the user will effortlessly track and manage the usage of his smart device as well as the apps he uses on a daily basis.

Download the app now for free on Google Play to track the time you spend on your smart device!

Google Play Download Link: TimeGurus


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