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Tap games have become quite popular in recent years. For those who like playing tap games on their smartphones, there are tons of these games to choose from. Your job in this kind of game is to continuously “tap” through the game to achieve the highest possible score. To help you with the search, for players that like tap games, we looked and we have for you a tap game that offers you to win real prizes if you enter and play in competitions. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Traffic Raffle?

Traffic Raffle is an entertaining and exciting tap game which is developed for IOS users, for all of you that like to win some real prizes while having fun. The tap competition game is easy to play and it offers you to play in competitions to win prizes. Your task is to tap in the circle when the light is green to win some scores. Be careful, the yellow light freezes your scores for a few seconds and the red light gives you 0 scores. Tap to get as high scores as possible in a given time when the traffic light is green.

Why do we love this tap game?

This competition game offers you the competitive mode where you can enter competitions and play to win some prizes by tapping fast and getting as high scores as you possibly can. You can also try the practice mode in the tapper game to practice your tapping skills before entering a competition. In each competition of the tap game you get the chance to win different prizes like phones, gift cards or other. All you need to do is to sign up to enter any of the competitions in the game. Continuously keep tapping when the traffic light is green to get your scores and avoid tapping when the light is red or yellow. Compete in the tap game to get some of the amazing prizes and if you rank among the 3 of the best tapper players you can claim your reward when the competition ends.

Download the game for free now on App Store to enter and play in competitions to win real prizes!

App Store Download Link: Traffic Raffle


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