App Review – Vinacircle


When you have a smartphone you are able to stay informed about what is happening around you or around other communities without much effort, just by using the right app on your phone. If you live in major US city and you are eager to learn more about the Vietnamese culture and find interesting places and things to do in that community, there are apps to help. We looked and we found one amazing app developed for that specific purpose. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is Vinacircle?

Vinacircle is one easy to use and quite helpful travel app that is developed for IOS users and especially created for people that like to see what’s going on in the Vietnamese community around the US major cities. This US based app platform created to promote Vietnamese culture, value as well as contemporary Vietnamese life and achievements. With the help of the app, users will be able to learn more about the Vietnamese culture, stay informed and always find interesting events, places and things to do in the Vietnamese community.


Why do we love this travel app?

This travel app has to offer users a lot of practical and simple features that will help them to constantly inform themselves of what’s happening around them in the Vietnamese community. Users with the app are able to find amazing local places and things to do as well to stay informed with interesting informative articles, keep up with what’s happening around the world. Users will easily find out what is popular, read stories and more they are interested in. The app allows users to search for classified ads and job ads if they want to sell something, find a bargain or look for a job. On the app users can look up local business phone numbers, view location and direction of businesses on the map, discover great local restaurants and view all their favourites at any time. The users can find local events and learn what’s happening around them during the week or upcoming weeks, keeping track with places and events they like to visit and enjoy.

Download the app on App Store now for free to learn more about the Vietnamese culture!

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