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When it comes to apps we use the most on our smartphones, the social apps are the most popular ones and any user has at least one of these apps on his phone. If you are tired of the same social apps offered to you and you are looking for a new and unique app to keep you in touch with family and friends, we decided to help and we found one amazing social app for Papua New Guinea and the surrounding Pacific countries that you need to try for sure. Let’s discuss the app.

What is WAILIS?

WAILIS is an amazing social app which is developed for Android users and specially created as the first social media application for Papua New Guinea and surrounding Pacific countries. Easy for using and very user-friendly, this social network enables you to post and share the latest happenings and connect with your friends just with a tap on the app. Users by joining the social community will be able to post, share, sell, buy, message others, top up and much more.

Why do we love this social app?

This social app with the features offered on it allows users to have fun connecting with friends while keeping them informed about their community at all times. On this social network, the user is able to post and share the latest happenings, to download songs, to buy or sell, to message his friends and more. By using this social app, you are able to post or share the latest and current pictures, links, videos, and songs as well. The songs can be also purchased by a click of a button, easily and quickly.

Moreover, this social network also allows users to send funds to each other. You need to try the inbuilt messaging service that is specially created to help you keep in touch with all your friends and family. Also, the Classifieds is available for you for sale, jobs and important notices. WAILIS offers all of this at your reach and much more, directly on your phones at any time.

Download the app for free on Google Play to connect with friends and post or share the latest happenings!

Google Play Download Link: WAILIS


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