Apps You Could Earn From


We all sit back and idly scroll on our smartphones, browsing the Internet, watching videos and liking photos of other people. Not that playing games or enjoying social media platforms is a bad thing, but why not use your everyday tool for a much more meaningful purpose? These activities certainly won’t pay our bills, so we suggest you read our review about how apps can help you earn some extra income and which apps are the best of the bunch.

The App Stores are full of legitimate and free money-making apps – some offer to complete surveys, others video watching, online shopping, sharing photos, and so on. We chose the following reliable apps that pay you money:

  1. Earny – this is one of the most amazing apps that let you earn money, based on shopping receipts from your inbox. Actually, Earny gives your money back automatically when prices drop on your purchases. All you have to do is sign up for free, search for price drops on the items you bought and claim the difference on your behalf. The app will even notify you of every refund you receive.


  1. Clashot – if you enjoy posting and sharing photos with your friends and family, then this app is definitely the one you need. Clashot allows its users to earn money by taking photos and selling them at Depositphotos (one of the largest photobanks in the world). Whatever genre you like will work, just take a picture, upload it and it will be instantly available to millions of buyers on Depositphotos.


  1. Mobile Based Online Casino – We all love games, we enjoy spending hours playing them on your devices. So this mobile-based online casino is basically a casino site that lets you earn extra bucks at any time, now available on both Android and iOS platforms. While there are many apps of this type out there, this one works very smoothly and it’s one of the most trustworthy money-earning games out there. There is also a chance of losing money, so it’s not a passive earning like other apps, but it stands to reason that it’s an app you can get the most benefit from, assuming you’re acquainted with how the games of this type work.


  1. cashKarma – this is an incredible Android and iOS app that will help you win gift cards and get wonderful rewards. It’s amongst the most popular apps that pay you for downloading apps, completing surveys and watching videos. You have to collect points and then simply redeem points for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and much more.


Overall, there are tons of mobile apps that can earn for you real money, there’s certainly no shortage of apps on the market to pick from. But if you want to invest your time in a more fun way in an exchange for a payout, we highly recommend checking out the ones we’ve listed above.