Armada Commander is a Visually Stunning 2D Space Battle Strategy That You Must Try


Space is the ultimate frontier and it’s up to you if you want to explore what’s up and beyond! Today we will speak about one of the coolest new space battle games for Android and if you love space games, we predict that you will play your heart out. We are talking about Armada Commander which enables you to take part in intergalactic battles with battleships and waves of alien spaceships.Super Interesting Space Battles

Armada Commander: RTS Space Battles delivers a perfect 2D strategy space game which mixes space battles with waves of alien spaceships and tower defending (using a fleet of battleships). It’s one of those games that won’t leave you indifferent for sure and has that challenging difficulty that is optimal and makes you come back for more and more. On top of that the missions add even more challenging gaming excitement.

Become the ultimate commander

Your duty in Armada Commander is to play the role of the commander and manage a massive fleet with a variety of spaceships ranging from assault ships, battleships, destroyers to massive cruisers. Your flawless leadership is needed in order to liberate the space stations of fallen Omegus Galaxy. With tons of missions ahead, you need to battle with over 150 alien spaceships.

Besides being visually stunning, there are a lot of additional elements you need to take care of. Manage your fleet wisely – build, deploy and update Imperial starships wisely and strategically to keep your space battles successfully against the multiple hostile alien spaceships.

There is no denial that if you love space game, you are sure to love Armada Commander. Simply the live management of the fleet and the continuous attacks are extremely exciting. When you top that with phenomenal graphics of the space arena featuring highly detailed cosmic objects like planets, asteroids fields, etc. you can easily say that it is one of the best new strategy battle games this year!

For more information and free downloading visit the Play Store link that we’ve left here down below. Give it a try and share your experience with this article with us! Enjoy it!

Google Play Download Link: Armada Commander: RTS Space Battles


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