Audials Radio Review


Audials Radio is a well-designed app that covers over 100,000 radio stations and 260,000 podcasts. Avid radio listeners may not be able to find another app that’s similarly comprehensive, easy to use and highly functional. There are so many features that users can find and they won’t get bored with Audials Radio.




Finding a radio station that matches specific genre is only one tap away. Search the name of a radio station and Audials will search across a massive database of 100,000 stations. Another useful feature is the ability to record audio from the radio. Any music, talk show and others can be recorded by tapping the appropriate button. With Audials Radio it would be easy to wake up to a favourite radio station. If you have a preferred radio show that’s ideal to wake you up, you can set it as an alarm tone. Like other clock radio features, there are also Sleep Timer and Snooze as well. Audials Radio includes a rare capability that streams songs to any airplay receiver. The app also includes Chromecast streaming, that is very reliable.


With more than 260,000 podacasts, you can keep yourself updated to the latest news, current affairs, documentaries and a lot more. It is easy to go wireless with Audials Radio and you can perform syncing very easily between your computer and smartphone. You can enjoy favourite songs regardless of where you are. The app also comes with a built-in equalizer that offers a sensation of high quality music with a brief adjustment. The equalizer can also be adapted with any amplifying system and headphone.




Audials Radio is a great app due to its powerful search and record features. The massive database of 100,000 radio stations and 260,000 podcasts that cover any genre imaginable can keep any user occupied. There’s also minimum bitrate search and for each song that’s being played, an album art is often displayed.


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