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Making the right healthy decisions when it comes to food, products and recipes you use is not that easy because there are many products and recipes out there to choose from. Nowadays, there are apps developed to help you make the decision you need to stay healthy and informed about what is good for you and what isn’t. We looked and we have for you an amazing shopping management app that you need to try it. Let’s see what the app is all about.

Perfect Shopping & Healthy Diet Companion

BcLapp is developed for both Android and iOS users as one incredible shopping management app that gives you the opportunity to manage all your products, recipes and utilization inside one app. From our experience, the app is a perfect mix of shopping, lifestyle and health app and can really add value in your life.

With BcLapp users get a useful set of information before making a decision about nutrition, price*, product recalls* based on searched products or uploaded receipts. You can also prepare shopping lists [you can even add products to your list via voice], identify healthy products and recipes and access all detailed information about the products you want to track within the app.


Make smart decisions and eat healthier

This shopping management app gives you the chance to make informed decisions for recipes and products in order to stay healthy. For example, you can search within the app based on allergies, ingredients, and nutrients. There is also an in-built calorie calculator which will be of great use to track calorie intake. The expense tracker shows the expenses based on tracked receipts.

You can also store and share their lists, loyalty cards, receipts, coupons, gift cards, warranties and more, and even get notifications before the expiry date too. With the inbuilt scanner, the app can recognize the best photo and automatically identify it with human faces for printing and it can be printed in nearby Walgreens* or on a cloud based printer.

If you want to get information about food storage and preservation, the app will provide you with notifications about the product recalls* too. With its advanced technology, BcLapp can scan and read different kinds of labels including labels like SmartLabel, Digimarc, Barcode for thermal labels, digital images, and audio. And if you are all about voice control, good news: Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can be used for interacting with the app. Just make sure you see the directions within the app.

You can use BcLapp 7 days for free and after the 7-day trial, you can choose to subscribe or use the free plan with limited features. Try it and we are sure that you’ll find it handy if you want to save money, make better purchasing decisions and eat healthier and better!

  • US only currently

Official Website: BcLapp

App Store Download Link: BcLapp

Google Play Download Link: BcLapp


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