‘Beauty on Demand’ with the Humble App


Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and it has become very helpful to our daily lives, especially if it helps us solve our beauty qualms. From finding the right shade of nail polish to calming your mind and making beauty treatments more accessible, there is an app for just about anything. “Beauty on demand” apps started popping left and right these days, but not many of them cater to both the customer and the service provider. This is where the Humble App excels.

Find & Book Beauty Appointments

The Humble App is one of the greatest and most innovative “beauty on demand” app out there. This is a fairly new app that aims to make the lives of both, the consumers/customers and the beauty services providers considerably easier with its useful features. For the customers, the Humble App is a place they can discover the perfect beauty service they need, be it a manicure or pedicure treatment, professional make-up, hair styling and much more offered by beauty professionals, freelancers or beauty salons. Customer can compare prices, see the artist’s portfolios and reviews and book them with a few taps of their fingers.

Build your beauty brand and attract new customers

Aside from the features aimed at the customers, the Humble App shines the best with its features aimed for the beauty professionals or business owners. The app contains features great for direct marketing, self promotion, customer engagement and building brand awareness. It creates an amazing platform where no matter if you own a beauty salon or you are a freelance beauty or tattoo artist, you can improve your visibility, build your brand, and find new customers.

So what are you waiting? The Humble App is completely free and you can download and install it directly from the App Store today.

App Store Download Link: HUMBLE App

Website: http://humbleinsider.com/