Binge Watching With Help From Cheap Charts



The iTunes music store is a favorite among many for access to numerous apps and in this humongous marketplace, prices are ever fluctuating. This is exciting for many visitors until they imagine how many lists they have to go through just to learn about the cheapest apps on a particular day. Not only is it nearly impossible, it can be utterly frustrating to do the search, only for the price to become high like before. It is no wonder the Cheap Charts app was created to identify the cheapest apps to increase entertainment value for users.


  • TopXX push feature makes users aware of price declines in to chart ranges
  • The Genre Push as the name suggests is a useful feature to notify users of great deals in the genres they prefer
  • Artist radar is an exciting feature that lets you follow your favorite categories
  • The app layout is customizable so that you can change it to your liking
  • It is easy to preview entire albums using the Play All feature
  • The app has ability to make live searches within the entire iTunes app store
  • Users can get a detailed view of with ranking development
  • There is a useful list of all movies, T.V series, audio books and other content on sale to make sure you save as much as possible despite your binging habits
  • Users of this app also love the chance to rent videos for $0.99


Cheap Charts is a phenomenal app judging by it features but you will also be happy to learn that it works for iOS 6 or those that came after it. While it is compatible to iPad, iPhone, and iPod, Cheap Charts is optimized for the sleek iPhone 5.

What makes it stand out?

Most entertainment apps are meant to make you spend but Cheap Charts is exceptional for being among few whose intent is helping users save. There is no compromise of quality since the smart app learns your preferences and gives accurate alerts when prices are low. It is to this app that we owe the luxury of binge watching or listening to content on iTunes without overspending. Customers acclaim the app for making their search for delightful entertainment not only easier but also cheaper. If you have a compatible device, stop wasting time and download the free app that will save your phone from clutter and your pockets from emptying as you seek a movie or audio book.



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