Bird vs Brick is a New Fast Tap Arcade Game that Will Challenge You Immensely


Since the development of smartphones, tap games are one of the most entertaining and challenging games you can play on the go, whenever you have some free time on your hands. Because of the popularity of these games, discovering an exciting tap game that will test your skills while you enjoy the addictive gameplay can be quite hard. To make it easier for all you tappers, we looked and we found one incredible tap game that will get hooked to playing fast. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Bird vs Brick?

Bird vs Brick is a fun, exciting and yet quite challenging tap game which is developed for android users. Easy to play and testing the tapper skills of the players, all you need is to tap to jump with the bird and try to break all the bricks on your way. With sharp graphics and cool sounds, you will enjoy tapping and jumping, trying to get as far as possible to get the highest scores. Share the endless tap game with friends and compete to see who will be the best tapper.

Why do we love this tap game?

This tap game with its amazing features is getting players addicted to playing on their first try. With endless levels and endless gameplay, you will have fun challenging yourself to tap as fast as possible to get as further in the game as you can. Just by tapping on the screen, the player is able to make the bird jump. The bird needs to break the bricks and win points. Each player needs to try and break as many bricks as possible to win high scores. On the endless tap game, the players also have the chance to collect additional balls in order to add more birds. It can be quite hard to reach higher levels and because of that the player has to try to tap as fast as he can. Using the share feature, the player can challenge his friends and compete against to get on top of the global leader board and try to become the ultimate tapper of this exciting tap game.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to tap and make the bird jump to break the bricks!

Google Play Download Link: Bird vs Brick

Website: TDIndie


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