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Boom Connections is the great solution for those who choose not to be a part of any social media platform but want to stay in touch with those who are. The app is developed for both iOS and Android devices, so it’s accessible to everyone. The user interface and the overall design of the Boom Connections app is intuitive, sleek and easy on the eye, and it looks great on every device. The app comes with many great features all easy to understand and use even for those who are not really of the tech savvy kind. This makes the app perfect for people from older generations to stay in touch with their children or grandkids.

Set up your profile: Follower or Author

Your Boom Connections profile is really easy to set up. All you need to do is register, you can do this in the app, and choose what kind of profile you’ll be using. The choice is between a Follower profile and an Author profile. The Follower profile is for the users who do not have online presence on a social media platform and want to follow their close ones who does. And the Author profile is for the people who have Facebook or Instagram profiles and want to share their feeds with their friends and family on Boom Connections. The app for now is only compatible with Instagram and Facebook accounts and has the ability to share pictures, post and overall feed activities from them but who’s to say this won’t change with future updates as more and more social networks grow in popularity. The app also let’s its Author users choose what they will share with their Boom followers which is really great for people who do not want to overshare stuff with their family members.

No more missing out on important memories

Boom Connections enables Followers to leave comments on posts as this is a way they’ll have a direct communication with the people they follow. The app also comes with its own private chat so users can have private conversation and connect with each other. Now there is no reason to miss out on important family memories and events in the lives of your close family members and friends because you chose not to use any social media platform. You can stay informed and in touch with your closest ones with Boom Connections.

You can install Boom Connections and start using it right now, it’s completely free. Download the app at Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

Google Play Store download link: Boom Connections

App Store download link:
Boom Connections

Official Website: Boom Connections


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