Bubble Jungle – Great 3D iOS Platformer Game


Bubble Jungle

Adventure, 3D platformer games can be a great way to have continuous challenging entertainment. That is why today we will present and suggest you a game that we found extremely entertaining. This unique 3D platformer game has already earned critical acclaim from many iOS gaming websites. We are talking about Bubble Jungle, game produced by Cranky Monkey Studio.

The game has cool story line: you need to travel with Chuck with the chameleon in different worlds and avoid or destroy any obstacle or enemy that comes into your way. The developers worked really hard to create tons of interesting levels and themed worlds. You got to give credit for their talent and creativity because most of the artwork looks truly stunning.

The gameplay and controls are great as well. The game is really enjoyable on both iPhone and iPad. Especially it looks stunning on the iPad. There are more than 50 levels and 9 themed worlds. The best thing about Bubble Jungle is the fact that it is a multiplayer game as well. It can be enjoyed by up to 4 players. We tried and played it both single and multiplayer and we can guarantee hours of fun times! It is simply a well-thought concept that is highly functional… and what to say about the stunning HD graphics! Playing it is simply an enjoyment!

To keep you hyped and motivated the developers integrated Game Center. So, you will be fighting for a better place on the Leaderboard and for different achievements. The game has two versions, you can get it from the links bellow.

App Store Download Link: Bubble Jungle FREE

App Store Download Link: Bubble Jungle PRO


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