BULK – Al Personal Trainer that Teaches You How to Gain Weight


Nothing beats having a personal trainer on-hand to guide you to your fitness goals. But if you’re strapped for cash, personal training apps can provide useful guidance during your workouts and even help you plan your meals properly to keep track and monitor your progress.

Because so many options are available for you, we searched and discovered an efficient and practical al personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals in and out of the gym. Let’s see what the BULK app offers you.

BULK – All in One Fitness App to Reach Goals

This versatile and advanced personal trainer gives you meal plans and workout plans to gain weight and build muscles. The best thing is that these workout plans and meal plans are all based on a detailed fitness assessments and also come with additional features that will be of extreme help.

How to use BULK

Like we said the app needs to make a fitness assessment and for that you need to pass through a lengthy registration process. For best effect, be as precise as possible with the data you enter. The app will ask details like current and goal weight, height, gender, body area you want to gain weight/muscles for etc. Once you complete that, you can fully use BULK.

Tailored workout program

After you finish the fitness assessment you will get tailored workout plan with neatly explained workouts. Each of the workouts includes the right amount of weights, set and reps to perform the best and stimulate your muscle to grow. For each workout there is an animated GIF is available to ensure the user has the right form.

Customized meal plans and weight tracking

Together with the workout plans, you will get customized meal plans (paid feature). They are generated weekly and include meal recipes, which will make things easy for you.

There are also handy extra features like the daily calorie goal tracker, daily Macro charts, food group distribution, meals log and more. You can also monitor your weight and keep track with the progression of your body, weight, and muscles.

So you probably noticed already, the app has everything in one place to keep you focused and lead you to your targeted fitness goal.

Another great thing about BULK is that it is cross platform, meaning the app can be integrated with Wear OS to view workout summary for the day as well with Google Fit, just link your profile and sync your exercise data and workouts.

Try it for free on App Store and Google Play as a personal trainer to help you can gain healthy weight!

Official Website: BULK

App Store Download Link: BULK

Google Play Download Link: BULK


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