Calcularium – Descriptive, Editable & Voice Controlled Calculator


Every smartphone comes with a default calculator that will get the job done. It simply works and comes with a widget that you can place on your home screen. This is both convenient and easy, but is it enough? If you are looking for something more efficient, then your search can be long among so many calculators developed for our smartphones. Luckily for you, we searched and discover a simple and yet superhero calculator for all your needs. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is Calcularium?

This calculator is developed on the iOS platform as one highly descriptive, editable, and gesture-based and voice-controlled calculator. Especially made for small touch screen devices with its amazing touch interface, the app is simple but it has superhero abilities. Controlled by voice with instant accurate results, the design language is based on tokens. Users can set expression as a variable with the goal to use it afterwards in other expressions and give every component a clear name to recall what it stands for easily and quickly.

Calcularium Highlights

Calcularium and its features offer you the most amazing calculation abilities to enjoy. Voice controlled, backed by Siri, the app offers users real-time WYSIWYG with multi-level sub-calculations without any limitations. The app has the powerful fourth touch and select mode as well for a history ability for editable and reusable calculations of any calculation you already used. For each component, it’s offering self-explanatory naming as well for multiple functions and reusable expressions too.

Within the app, you will discover multi-variable functions as forms and multiple reversible conversions as well. Saving you time, the app offers an advanced search, most-used calculations and built-in functions. With clear colour-coding, smart brackets and context-based copy, paste and convert your calculation results will be instant. An interactive video tutorial to watch is offered and you can share your calculations in multiple ways. When your free trial ends, you can choose between the subscription of 1 month, 6 months or 1 year.

Download this app for free on the App Store to enjoy the descriptive, voice-controlled and editable calculator!

Official Website: Calcularium

App Store Download Link: Calcularium


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