Challenge Your Arcade Skills with Magnet Jump


Because of the popularity of the arcade games among smartphone users, finding an interesting, fun and exciting arcade game to play on the go can be quite hard. The right arcade game on your smartphone can test your skills while offering you endless fun each time you decide to play. How to choose the best arcade game among so many of them? No worries, we looked and we found one fun and addictive arcade game that each arcade player will enjoy. Let’s discuss the game.

What is Magnet Jump?

Magnet Jump is one fun and addictive arcade game which is developed for Android users. Easy to play and exciting, this tap arcade is offering players to test their skills while they enjoy the sharp graphics and cool sounds each time they play it. Players on the game will need to race against time while their magnetic charge depletes. Just with tapping and trying to keep their magnetic charge up, players will get their chance to win the highest scores and become the ultimate players of this game.

How to play?

This arcade game offers various features that will keep players hooked to playing while testing their arcade skills at the same time. All the player need to do on the tap arcade is to tap to move up and release to move down. On the top of the screen, there are black health bars representing the player’s negative energy and red health bars representing the positive energy.  As the player taps and jumps trying to keep his magnetic charge up, racing against the time, he needs to be careful and avoid the electromagnetic coils that are draining his energy.

When the player is run out of the energy, the game will be over. When a player touches the ceiling, his negative energy is increased and when he touches the floor, his positive energy is increased. The time for playing is limited which makes the game quite challenging and the player that likes to win the highest scores needs to tap and jump fast to keep the magnetic charge up while avoiding the electrical coils as long as he can.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to test your skills and keep your magnetic charge up!

Google Play Download Link:  Magnet Jump


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