Circle Up – Jump and avoid obstacles


Are you looking for fun, exciting and extremely challenging and addictive game? Something that will put your skills to the test? Well, then we have the best offer for you in this thrilling and exciting game called Circle Up.

Many obstacles for you to beat

Circle UP will challenge you with a lot of obstacles along the way – cybers, portals, spikes etc. With more than 20 levels and 5 modes you will surely spend hours and hours playing this highly addictive game. The goal is to avoid the obstacles and maneuver through enemies that follow you. Be careful there will be many different types of obstacles and the enemies are smart, they can capture you, block your way or even crush you.

More than 5 game modes for the ultimate thrill

Circle Up has more than 5 interesting games modes that will surely keep you entertained after unlocking all the levels. Every new level is harder than the previous and you will have to reach the top to continue. There is the Endless mode where all obstacles are combined, so you can expect different and challenging situations. In the Falling mode you will have to do in the opposite way. Enemy frenzy mode will test your abilities to survive through cybers that comes from all side. In Blocks mode not only the spikes from below will make things difficult, but also blocks that will crush you if you get hit by them. And in the survive mode all game mode are combined in one it’s for the ultimate challenge!

Compete with other players and see who can survive longer

You can also play online and compete with other players in the enemy frenzy mode, where the player that can survive longer from cybers will be victorious. Try to survive longer than other players and you will get a reward. You can even bump into the players, so they can bounce into the cyber enemies!

Collect coins on the way and spend them on new players you can play with.

So don’t wait and download this amazing and fun game for free from Google Store and jump your way out of all the obstacles.

Google Play Download Link: Circle UP