City Danger – Fun One Tap Arcade Game


For all players that enjoy playing tap games and arcade games while learning at the same time, there are many games that offer the best combination of these genres. These games are quite easy and fun to play and yet at the same time will push your skills of concentration, precision, and dexterity so you can complete the levels. To help you out, we searched and we discovered an incredibly fun to play and yet challenging one tap casual educational game you will love.

What is City Danger?

This is exciting and fun to play one tap casual educational game which is developed on the iOS and Android platform. This game will hook you on your first try while developing your power of concentration and dexterity with its constantly challenging new levels. Your task in the game is to explore continents and save the honor of your construction company. Have fun on the journey and see how far you get can around the city, catching the thieves and saving the people.

How to play City Danger?

City Danger will get you addicted to playing fast. The task you have in the game is to catch all the thieves and save as many innocent people as possible. Explore all the continents and the most important cities in the world to save your company’s honor. Resolve all the levels to prove your skill and precision. As you play the weather is constantly changing and for now, the game offers only 7 big cities to explore but more are coming.

Climb the game’s live score leaderboard and challenge your friends. For each completed level in the game, you get to learn new things about each city you’ve explored. Many facts and many levels are offered as you play and learn the world’s geography at the same time. As you progress, the levels are becoming more and more challenging to try to be fast, concentrated and precise. Start playing and see how far around the world you can get.

Download this game on App Store and Google Play for free to explore and save your company’s honor!

Official Website: City Danger

App Store Download Link: City Danger

Google Play Download Link: City Danger

Amazon Link: City Danger


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