Clubbable –Lifestyle App for Keeping Up with the Nightlife in Your City


Sometimes planning the night out and making arrangements with friends about the clubs you want to attend can be quite hard and time-consuming. But with the right app on your smartphone, you can easily keep up with the nightlife in your city, every night of the week and find the easiest way to get in any VIP club around the city. To help you with this, we searched and we discovered one amazing nightlife app which is offering all you need to do that. Let’s see what the app offers.

What is this nightlife app about?

This nightlife app is developed for both IOS and Android users that need a tool that could help them to discover what’s going on in their city at night, every night of the week. The app is simple, easy to use and user-friendly, offering users from the whole world to keep track with the nightlife in their city and even get on guest lists and book tables in the VIP clubs around them. With the app, users have the chance to save time discovering the perfect place for a night out and enjoy the nightlife anytime they want.

Why do we choose Clubbable?

Clubbable has to offer the users various features that will allow them to stay on track with the nightlife in their city at any time. With the help of this app, the user is able to easily directly from his phone to book tables and get on guest lists for any VIP club in his city. On the app, the user has the chance to see who is also attending the club he wants to visit and chat with the friends that use the app about the attendance and the event in the VIP club they are planning to go to.

The app is also allowing users to share photos of their night out with other users and friends and every user on the app can easily get in touch with the right promoters that also have the chance to use the app to send offers for the nightclub they are representing. This luxury nightlife network allows each user to vote for offers and accept the ones he likes. The app is suitable for both users looking for the best club and the perfect night out and for promoters as well. Saving time, this app helps users discover the VIP clubs and the easiest way to get to them and enjoy the nightlife in their city.

Download this app on Google Play and App Store for free to enjoy the nightlife in your city at any time!

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