Coinalysis – The Cryptocurrency Analyzer You Need


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably heard about Bitcoin’s skyrocketing price. The almost daily headlines have focused a lot of attention on the cryptocurrency markets and altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies), and the masses are now rushing to find the next Bitcoin. While there may or may not be another Bitcoin, there is still plenty of potential in investing in cryptocurrency, as seen in Ripple’s 1000% jump over the past couple weeks. Various digital currencies alternative to bitcoins are available with different market values so you can buy as per your budget. Below we discuss the cryptocurrency tracker application Coinalysis, which will give you complete information of every digital currency on your palm.

Why Coinalysis?

Coinalysis is the perfect app for every cryptocurrency enthusiast. It is a real-time cryptocurrency tracker and analyzing app which will provide you with detailed information regarding the state of the cryptocurrencies’ world. It is one of the most accurate cryptocurrency analyzing app to help you make better investment decisions based on the insights it provides. The Coinalysis app comes jam-packed with many great and unique features that makes it one of the most versatile Cryptocurrency app on the market .

Coinalysis unique features

First and foremost it comes with tracking, analyzing and rate converting features which track the cryptocurrencies rates against each other, tracks the price of the bitcoin and thousands of others cryptocurrencies and converts between cryptocurrencies and currencies. Other than this, Coinalysis is unique in regard of its other features like the news aggregator which collects, aggregates and presents all news and stories related to cryptocurrencies. News can be sorted by coin, popularity, published dates and relevance for more convenient viewing. You also get social media integration with SotckTwits, to engage with others about trending coins, view trending tweets related to the coins and view real-time trending coins and any news related to them. The Coinalysis app comes with detailed coin view for more than 100 cryptocurrencies which gives you real-time and historical price data tracking, quotes for many coins and fiat currencies, market capitalization per coin, market dominance and more. Users can create watchlists in which they can add the cryptocurrencies they’d like to have closer insight on.

The Coinalysis app is completely free and you can find and download it from Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

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