Color Jump – Addictive & Fun Color-Match Game for All Ages


In this hectic world we live, all of us require a distraction to release the tension. Phone games serve to be one such mode of release. If you are looking to relax, play on the go and have fun, one of the best games for this purpose is certainly the color-match games. Because of the popularity of these games, choosing the most addictive and fun one can be hard. To help you out, we looked and we found one amazing color-match game that you need to try – Color Jump

 What is Color Jump?

Color Jump is one exciting, fun and addictive color-match game which is developed for Android users and suitable for all ages that like to enjoy the never-ending color-match gameplay that will get the player hooked on his first try. The players on the game will enjoy the stunning graphics and catchy sounds while they try to bounce the ball and match the ball’s color with the suitable colors on the springs placed on the platform below. To win high scores, the player needs to play as long as possible, matching the bouncy ball’s colors.

How to play?

Color Jump will get players addicted to the gameplay on their first try. Players will test their skills with this color match bouncer ball game and each player needs to be quick and agile in order to bounce the ball and match its color with the colored springs placed on the platform below. If the player bounces the ball and lands it on the wrong color, he will lose the game. Players need to be careful and collect stars as they play to unlock new challenging levels and become the best player of the color-bounce game.

The platform can be controlled on the screen by moving it left or right in order to match the color of the bouncing ball. Playing as long as the player can and lasting as long as possible is bringing the player his high scores. The platform can be tricky to control and the color of the bouncing ball is changing often so the players need to be careful not to end the game. Each player has his chance to climb on top of the online global leaderboard depending on his high scores.

Download the game for free on Google Play to bounce the ball and match its colors to get high scores!

Google Play Download Link: Color Jump


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