CombiLock – the new perfect brain exercise for you


Are you looking for a challenging game that will prove to be a perfect brain exercise? Something that in the same time will relax your mind and improve your concentration? Then look no further, we offer you the perfect solution in CombiLock.

Highly addictive, unlimited puzzles

Combilock is a highly addictive game with endless hours of unlimited puzzles to keep you occupied. It will test both your logic and reasoning skills. You will have to find a way out for the colored key and slide it to the matching lock of the same color. The intensity of the game will increase as you move through the levels, so you have to stay focused to be able to go as far as you can.

Perfect brain exercise

This game will prove to be a relaxing journey for your brain and in the same time a perfect exercise. Stay concentrate on solving the problem and don’t give up easy, try to find a way by thinking out of the box. Patience is of essence is solving some of the puzzles.

CombiLock is great for all ages. Test yourself and see how far you can reach. The better you get, the bigger the score in the end. You’ll love it!

So don’t hesitate and download this game for free from App Store and begin solving those brain-teasing puzzles.

Download Link: CombiLock


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