Control all the incoming calls with E13 Call Bouncer


Do you often been bothered by unwanted calls or forget content of important calls?   The calls of a contact can be blocked or allowed, depending on time of day or your preferences. For example, a call from a contact in the blacklist will be blocked to protect your sleep at night, but in the morning, if you set the app the call is accepted to serve for your work. The app we are presenting today is called E13 Call Bouncer, made just to serve you and help your privacy.

Manage your smartphone in a better and smart way

With E13 Call Bouncer the possibilities are limitless, the app has several powerful features that will help you manage your time with your smartphone in a better and smart way. For example, you can create groups and add contacts that will be able to call you during some time of the day. You can easily create a work group where you will add your colleagues and won’t be bothered with outside call during your worktime.  Or can create the opposite, a “Home” group where people from work won’t be able to reach you outside your work time. The best thing is that whenever a call is blocked you will get notification so you can check and call later if you wish.

Block the unwanted phone calls

Tired of being harassed by someone you don’t know? There is the call blocker feature for you. Now all those spam call can be blocked and won’t bother you again. E13 Call Bouncer is entirely free of use, with no ads or pop ups or use of personal data. It Imports the numbers directly from your phones existing contacts including all types (Work, Home, Mobile and Custom etc.)

So don’t wait any longer and download this extremely useful app for free from Google Store and never again miss an important call.


Google Play Download Link: E13 Call Bouncer – Call blocker and white-list


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