Country War – Battleground Survival Shooting Game


War. War never changes. If you want to re-enact battles from nearly all eras of history and beyond, your mobile device is a fantastic way to immerse yourself into action. There are tons of Android games representing warfare in action, strategy, and simulator form. No matter if you are a kingdom builder, a brave soldier, or distinguished pilot, you will surely find your forte. So gather up your courage and prove yourself on the battlefront with one of our favorite war games for Android and iOS – Country War.

What is Country War?

Country War is an action multiplayer game that takes you on a modern warfare journey, full of deadly enemies, powerful weapons and all kinds of battlefields. It is a combination of adventure, action, combat, relic run, real commando secret, battlefield, mission impossible, war game, adventure escape, bullet strike, critical strike, and so on. Plus, it is designed with realistic 3D graphics and cool sound effects.

How to Play?

In Country War you’re playing as the leader and Commando of an army, and you main goal is to take your army and conquer the world. You don’t even have to be online to play this game – it supports an offline mode. Choose a country in the world map and plan strategically, attack with deadly weapons and lead your country to the top. Use the on-screen intuitive controls to move, shoot precisely and destroy your enemies. Team up with your friends to assemble the best shooting squad, play the PvP multiplayer battlegrounds and win high scores. Not only that the one whoever shoots the most enemies wins the round, but he who also have less deaths is the Real Hitman of this shooting game. Try to climb up the global leaderboard by earning scores and winning the 3rd World War.

Feel the excitement of country wars and immerse in never-ending battles by downloading Country War for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store!

Google Play Download Link: Country War

App Store Download Link: Country War


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