Create Professional Graphics & Logos with Vector Logo Maker


Despite some strong competition, the iPhone continues to be the main smartphone of choice for the design world. Apple’s pocket-sized marvel can be a pretty handy design tool. Combined with the best iPhone apps, it can pack some real punch in the studio – and more importantly, out of the studio. So whether you plan to do some sketching on the move, are after a particular tool to aid your daily design work, or prefer to take things more seriously with something to help you manage your projects, time and money, there’s a great selection of must-have apps right here. Here’s one of our favorite graphic design tools on the iOS platform – Vector Logo Maker.

What is Vector Logo Maker?

Vector Logo Maker is an elegant and well-built graphic design app for all iOS users that want to create their own logos on the go. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad and designed with neat user interface, this astonishing iOS tool can help anyone make professional vector logos, posters, flyers, app icons, character designs, and so much more.

Standout Features

With the Vector Logo Maker you can now finally design quickly and easily, anywhere you are, anytime you want. Create and design quality work in half the time, use more than 1000 fonts, badges, icons and shapes, over 300 color palettes, a gradient tool, tons of editing options, and so on. The app offers a huge collection of editing capabilities, such as: cutting, to combining, intersecting, and excluding vector paths. Add shadows, strokes, gradients, grouping, nested grouping, flipping, manage layers,  choose from a great library of shapes, icons, and badge categories along with fonts, and many color palettes to design quality graphics. Save your masterpieces or easily export them as SVG files in order to continue your work in Illustrator or any editing software with SVG support.

View Vector Logo Maker’s full list of features and functionalities by clicking the App Store link below. Download it today and enjoy a professional vector logo creator.

App Store Download Link: Vector Logo Maker