DataTracks – Efficient Regulatory Reporting Solutions for your Business Needs


Nowadays with the development of the technology, we use software and services that can make our daily but and work life a lot of easier. Every investment firm, bank and insurance company knows finding smart regulatory reporting solutions and creating regulatory reports without an error can be quite difficult if don’t use the right software. To help you, we searched and discovered high-quality regulatory reporting software for your business. Let’s see what the software offers.

What DataTracks does?

With this practical, helpful and efficient regulatory reporting software that is especially created for investment firms, banks and insurance companies, the users will get the chance to implement practical regulatory reporting solutions that fit their business needs the best. By using this service, the user will be able to create his error-free regulatory reports without much effort, easily and on time. Fulfilling different regulatory reporting needs, with the service users are able to use flexible input data methods, collaborate with other users and compare versions with quick identification and correction of errors, all of that at compelling prices.

What does it offer for your business needs?

DataTracks has to offers all the users very efficient features just by registering in their secure portal to get the free trial of their sample data. When the user is registered he can upload his data, add the files and consolidate the date from multiple sources through the service’s auto-link feature. With this service, users are offered to collaborate, comment and compare versions, doing reviews with other users of the service. The users with the service are also able to validate the data-filled templates against regulators validation rules and to even generate reports for obtaining the XBRL/XML report for successful filing with regulator.

With more than 10 years of experience and regulatory reporting experts employed, this service keeps the data of the user securely stored in firewall-protected data centres located in European cities. Formats such as XBRL, XML, iXBRL and EDGAR are offered in more than 100.000 compliance reports. The user can choose to prepare compliance reports in-house through the software solution or outsource the service to the experts of the service.  Reliable, easy to use and secure, this service offers highly efficient and high quality solutions for the user’s business and reporting needs.

Try your free trial to implement efficient reporting solutions that fit your business needs the best!

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