DealerClick DMS – An Amazing App for Your Dealership Needs


With the popularity of smart phones, businesses in different industries have realized the benefits of mobile applications to market their products and services. Even in the field of auto dealership, app marketing has become and important contributor to higher sales rates.  You already know that social media is an amazing tool to promote your auto dealership. But what’s the best way to humanize your brand so that you can connect with customers on a personal level? Everyday millions of apps are downloaded which represents an excellent opportunity for your business to be discovered.

What is DealerClick DMS?

With a good mobile app you can distribute your catalog of vehicles. You’ll be selling from anywhere. If you’re looking for a useful platform where you can list or manage your inventory, where you can sell your cars in case you’re an independent auto dealer, then we have the perfect recommendation. DealerClick DMS is a high-powered iOS app that provides with features specialized for auto, RV, motorcycle and marine dealerships nationwide.

Leading Technology Provider for Dealerships

DealerClick DMS is a fully-integrated mobile version of the company’s desktop platform where you can easily scan ID’s of new prospects, scan VIN’s of prospective trade-ins, sent automated texts and emails to customers and much more. The app’s purpose and main idea is to save time and money by offering various functionalities to independent auto dealers from all around the world. With this app, you can easily add vehicles, add as many as you want to your own inventory and leads list, manage reports, customize the app’s settings the way you want, everything by simply installing the app and creating a free account. To each vehicle you add in the app you can upload photos, cost and pricing, true market value, vehicle details, overview, the vendor’s name, odometer, the age of the vehicle, to scan or decode VINs, etc.

Complete deals in less time for higher profits, use one of the best tools and services by getting the DealerClick DMS app for free from the following App Store link.

App Store Download Link: DealerClick DMS


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