Digest Aware – A Guide to Better Food Choices


A blood pH level that’s too acidic can throw the entire body out of whack, potentially leading to muscle loss, chronic back pain, bone loss, high blood pressure and stroke. Your diet influences your blood’s pH level, with some foods having an acid-forming effect and others promoting alkalinity. Eating fewer acid-forming foods and more alkaline foods may improve your health. The alkaline diet may provide many nutritional benefits by supporting the consumption of foods that are generally considered healthy, such as vegetables, root crops, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, green tea and lean proteins such as fish and eggs.

Reducing your intake of acidifying foods and increasing your intake of alkalizing foods can help reverse symptoms caused by acidity.

What is Digest Aware?

Many of us often experience a bloated stomach, get gasses or even heartburns which are a result of a bad diet. Digest aware is an application made to maintain your optimal health and make better food choices in order to improve your diet without any drugs. We sometimes are not aware of how the food we consume may affect our health which leads to imbalance in the pH levels in our bodies. This can lead to very serious diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel disorders, and even cancer. Digest Aware is made to keep your diet healthy and take control over your lifestyle choices.

Digest Aware Features

Digest Aware will help you measure your intake of food and also measure the pH (whether alkaline or acidic) with a special unit called Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). The app will measure the PRAL of every food that has been logged.  We recommend that the PRAL values of your daily food intake should be about -35 and -15. Having acidic meals could be okay as long as you’re aiming for alkaline foods.

This app will also make it easier to put meals together in order that they will be easier to digest. Every food that we eat needs different enzymes in order to digest it. Combine wrong foods and your body will produce toxins leading to energy waste.  This app will grade your meals with “GOOD”, “FAIR”, “POOR” and “BAD”. Eating six different foods at a meal, separately, creates different layers in the stomach that need enzymes for them to digest without affecting each other. When every layer is digested, it leaves space for the next layer and it makes the stomach size get smaller and more comfortable.

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