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The VR format is becoming much popular as the technology is being developed more. As the 3D videos let you have the real feel and excitement, they are getting much popularity and therefore, the number of VR video players is also increasing. Because of all available VR video player apps available, choosing the best one to convert videos from your phone and watch them on a big screen in quite tricky. We looked and we found one amazing VR video player app for you. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is iVROX VR player?

iVROX VR player is one very efficient and impressive video player which is developed for android & iOS users, allowing them to convert any conventional video they have in their smartphone into a VR video format. With this app, users will be able to convert series, movies or videos they captured themselves in VR videos. This player is supporting Side-by-Side mode which allows users to convert any conventional video into a Virtual Reality video. Easy to use, supporting almost any smartphone and headset, users can enjoy their private cinema anytime and anywhere.

Why do we love this video player?

This video player app is offering users to easily and quickly convert the videos they have in their smartphone in VR format. By using this app, users will be able to watch their 360° videos captured with their 360° camera or stored in their phone using the gyroscope of their smartphone. Any movie, series or video in the user’s smartphone can be watched on a real big cinema screen. All users need to do is to insert their smartphone into a VR headset such as iVROX and they can enjoy their private cinema.

The app is compatible with iVROX headset and with the most headsets available on the market. If the user wants to use it with Gear VR he must not plug it in the phone usb port. Simple and effortless, users will be able to easily convert any videos directly from their smartphone and enjoy watching them on a big screen with high quality whenever they want to.

Download the app for free now on Google Play or App Store and convert any video in VR format easily!

Google Play Download Link: iVROX VR player

App Store Download Link: iVROX VR Player


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