Enhance your social life today with Byber app by Byber, LLC.


While there’s no shortage of social networking apps these days, an overwhelming number of them suffer from an essential and inescapable weakness: they simply aren’t very social. That is, they don’t enable users to go outside of their small inner circle so they can enlarge and enhance their social life. However, one new app is aimed to change all of that. We are talking about an app, Byber.

What is Byber?

Byber is an app that instantly lets you meet up with someone new in your city, connect with friends, and explore what their neighborhood has to offer — and all through the comfort and convenience of their mobile device. BYBER combines stylish design and effortless usability giving its users a completely satisfied socializing experience.

How does it work?

New users can quickly create a profile and enter a brief description of them. The app’s main page offers instant access to six core features – “My Profile,” “Flirt,” “Map,” “Discover,” “BYBER events” and “Share.” Google Maps integration helps members navigate their surroundings, and BYBER even allows for sharing on major platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Members can use the app’s “flirt” functionality as a dating tool ― showing their interest in other members at a bar, restaurant or anywhere in the neighborhood. Alternatively, the app enables members easily to discover new, local hotspots and special events. Finally, BYBER lets members create events of their own, like birthday parties or casual get-togethers, and invite friends and neighbors to come and mingle.

If you are looking for the ideal first date or if you want to socialize in true means, install this beautiful and easy to use app today for your iOS based device and get started by just clicking the link present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Byber


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