Enjoy a New Exciting Race Game Car Drifter 3D for iOS



Racing is one of the genres that many people assume works best on a console or PC with a joypad – or a wheel peripheral if you’re feeling flash. Yet plenty of developers have been taking the genre to mobile devices too. Some draw heavily on their console heritage, while others have tried to reinvent the category for touchscreen controls and shorter, mobile-friendly sessions. Here is our pick from 10 of the best Android and iOS racing games worth accelerating on to the app stores for.

Quite Addictive and Exciting Race Game

Say goodbye to the boredom and say hi to the new, challenging and intense race game that will blow your mind with its realistic graphics, sound effects, and quite addictive gameplay. Well, we gladly want to introduce you the Car Drifter 3D, outstanding and exciting race game that you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you’re already a huge fan of this genre of mobile gaming. Prepare yourself for an epic ride on the New York streets where you can test or improve your driving skills.

Game’s Features

Just on a first try (as we already say) prepare to be mesmerized from the sharp graphics and cool sound effects that surely won’t leave you indifferent or bored any moment through the whole gameplay. Your duty as a player is to master these streets of New York, beat your rivals and win the race. What’s more exciting and addictive about Car Drifter 3D is the possibility to pick among powerful and cool cars with all details for each car available for you to see before you choose your car.

Free to Download

So, it will be a wise step to visit now the App Store link that we have posted down below this article, where you can download this epic race game on your IOS device and enjoy it for hours for free. Give it a try now and say thanks later.

App Store Download Link: Car Drifter 3D


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