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The casual games can be a source of great entertainment and can fulfill anyone’s free time. One of the very best at the moment on Google Play is the lovely casual ball game called 100 balls. It is a simple game, with neat graphics, beautiful sounds and storyline and can represent source of great entertainment. It is no wonder how this game has more than 50 million downloads, it can get under anyone’s skin really fast because of the gameplay, graphics and the overall concept.

The goal of the game is to get all of the 100 balls through the cups without wasting them. You will not waste any ball if you fit them through the cups, but that is not possible, so try to manage the balls smartly. Don’t throw them all at once, manage the taps. The number of the balls you own is shown at the top. The cups are constantly moving and you can get cups that will double your points. So, try to get as many balls as possible in this x2, x3 etc. cups.

100 balls is professionally designed, with enjoyable music and beautiful sound effects. Simply it is a great joy! But, it can get addictive and more challenging as you progress. Anyway, you will have amazing fun times with it! 100 Balls is free, get it on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: 100 Balls


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