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When you talk about card games, Solitaire is already part of the list. Solitaire refers to a card game you can play by yourself. We cannot deny that Solitaire is really an addictive game and it prevents us from getting bored at home. Instead of bringing a pack of cards with you and risk losing one or two of the cards to carelessness or a particularly strong breeze, check out our this review about new game of the same kind that is available by the name, One Stack Solitaire.

What is One Stack Solitaire?

One Stack Solitaire is a unique playing card game developed for your Android devices. The gameplay is different than the classics and it introduce a new unique way to play with a deck of cards, and the graphics are beyond the expectations. In this card game your mission is to reduce 52 cards down to one stack. While the game itself is easy, you will need good combination and logic to finish with 3 stacks or less. This best thing about this game is that it is competitive and will glue you to the phone for some period of time.

The game starts as the cards are dealt one by one until a move can be made. Cards can be moved on top of another card or next to it if it shares same value or suit. The awesome feature about this game is that you can see the next card dealt so you can plan your next move ahead and think about the moves in advance. At the end of each game, use a “Suit Change” to change the suit of one card and give yourself one last chance to improve your situation.


Some of the features:

  • Easy to play. Fun for any age.
    • Games are finished in a minute or two.
    • Highly addictive!
    • Stats and Trophies are saved to your public profile
    • View your friend’s stats and trophies as well
    • Compete in our worldwide seasonal rankings
    • Play for fun. Play to compete. Play for both!

Download this first brief and detailed basic card game today and kill your free time in a fun and challenging way. The game is free to download on all of your Android-based devices. To download click the link below and share it with your friends.

Google Play Download Link: One Stack Solitaire

App Store Download Link: One Stack Solitaire


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