Eyetok – The world at your fingertips




Share your life experiences and see others broadcasting theirs through an amazing app called Eyetok.  You can share everything you want with your followers.

Being at a certain place or happening you probably think “I really want ____ to be here with me, let me show her what she’s missing!” or you may have been  in a situation where you want to see what’s happening at a certain place. This app allows you to experience all of this using only your device. It works differently, you can either stream what’s going on with your life or discover what’s happening around the world and you can also interact in real time. While the live stream is happening, you can guide the broadcaster with driving them arrows and even chat. If you are looking at something you like you can simply re-stream it so your followers can see it too. When done watching you can rate the broadcaster and share the video on whatever social media you use.

Eyetok is an amazing experience engine that allows you to socialize and interact with people from around the world, seeing what is happening on your device just like being there. With Eyetok our smartphones become more useful and informative about the latest news and happenings around the globe so the more eyetokers we are the more of the world we’ll see!

App Store Download Link: Eyetok