ezTurns Queue Management is an Advanced App and Software for Flawless Queue Management & Organization


Are you looking for apps as queue management solution which enables you to enhance your customer’s experience? Well, today we’ll speak about one of the very best ones – ezTurns Queue Management.

What is ezTurns Queue Management?

At its core this android and web app represents a simple and neat replacement of the classic take-a-number and queue systems. It simplifies the way you manage your customers, doesn’t require additional computer or complicated installations and equipment and let’s you manage orders and queues with the use of Chromecast.

How it works?

  1. Download ezTurns for free in Play Store.

    a) Place a regular ticket dispenser at your shop’s entrance.
    b) Setup a kiosk installing ezTurns on a tablet and print tickets using a WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Serial Thermal Printer.

    3. Customize the display’s appearance.

    4. Start casting to a Chromecast connected TV

In this way you get an easy and nice visual way to communicate with the users/customers waiting in line. Not to mention its customization and advanced features that are an amazing replacement of the conventional Take-a-Number system.

Who can benefit from it?

Here are some of the business, organizations and institutions that can benfit highly from ezTurns.

– Hospitals, Health Center, Physician’s offices, Clinics
– Institutions for Government Services such as ID document issuance, Immigration, Payments
– Salon, Barbershop, Beauty Clinic
– Restaurants, Take aways, Butchers, Bakeries
– Airports, Seaports, Bus Station

At the end of the day, ezTurns is definitely a must-try if you are looking for queue management solution. Try it from the links below.

Google Play Download Link: ezTurns Queue Management

Website: ezTurns Queue Management


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