Fitness Bot – Workout & Health Step Tracker


Ten thousand steps. Conventional wisdom says that’s how many you should take every day to stay fit and healthy. (You should also skip the French fries, but that’s a topic for another day.) OK, but how do you keep tabs on your step count? Simple: Buy a fitness band. But guess what? There’s another device that can tally your steps, and you already carry it everywhere you go. It’s your phone, of course. Thanks to built-in accelerometers, the phone can easily pull pedometer duty. All you need is an app that records the results (and, ideally, syncs them with other apps). Let’s take a look at one of the best step-counter apps for Android.

What is Fitness Bot?

We’re excited to present to you Fitness Bot, a powerful Health & Fitness app brought to the Android platform a while ago. It is a step and calorie counter for users that want to measure everything and keep an eye on their health. The app requires Android 4.3 and up and works fine on both phones and tablets. Read on to find out what it has to offer.

Count Your Steps & Calories

Fitness Bot is a unique app because it does not use GPS to count your steps. Instead, it uses built-in sensors to count your steps and to help in measuring calories burned each day. This means your battery life won’t be drained by using it. You can put your device anywhere you want, in your bag, pocket or any other place with you, and let the app do its magic. It starts counting your steps and calories burned even if it’s running in the background. In addition, Fitness Bot has the ability to measure environmental humidity and your height from sea level, so that you can be aware about the weather conditions. Just press start or stop when you need it and enjoy.

Fitness Bot is totally free of charge – you can download it immediately by clicking the following Google Play Store link!

Google Play Download Link: Fitness Bot