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No one wants to cook all of the time. Some days, you just want to kick back and relax, either by ordering in a takeaway or heading out to a delicious establishment near you. But how do you know where the best places to dine are? With the right app on your smartphone, you can easily find places with food you will enjoy and discover new restaurants to try without wasting much time searching. We looked and we have one amazing dining out tracker you need to try.

What is Foodilog?

Foodilog is a dining out tracker app created for foodies that enjoy eating in restaurants, developed on iOS and Android platform as a tool that can help users to capture and share their dining experiences and learn from other foodies about places to eat and good foods. Users with the app are able to discover restaurants easily, select a restaurant and browse its menu. The app saves users a lot of time and allows them to enjoy and find great food to post and share with friends on social media, making good dining decisions.

Why Foodilog?

Foodilog and its features are helping foodies and people that like to eat out to make good dining decisions and decide where to eat, getting all the information they need to decide. With the help of the app, users are able to enjoy the best dining experience, finding location-based restaurant listings using a simple to navigate menu information and lists of dishes. The thing that makes ordering a restaurant’s best dishes easy is the dish specific feedbacks.

Just pictures and emojis without essays to read, the app helps you see what you want to know. Just with one click, you can make posts on social media to share your experiences with friends and family. Also, the users can help other foodies to learn where to go and eat, what to order and what to avoid, as well help the restaurants improve their work. Find restaurants nearby, discover new restaurants, rate your experiences and find foodies like yourself.

Download this app on the App Store and Google Play for free to discover restaurants and enjoy great food!

Official Website: Foodilog

App Store Download Link: Foodilog

Google Play Download Link: Foodilog


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