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Are you a crazy football fan? Do you stay up late at nights to watch your favorite clubs playing? Do you feel bad if you miss out on a match? Looking for alternate ways to know the live score? Searching for best football scores app for Android? If your answers to all the above questions were YES, then you are in the right place. Football is probably the most famous sport in the world. There are many tournaments, leagues being held worldwide, and thousands of clubs take part in them. The European leagues are the most famous and is being enjoyed all around the globe. Almost everybody watches football on TV, some, on the other hand, goes a step further and streams football matches to their devices thanks to latest developments in technology.

But what if you are away from your TV, and you feel the urge to know the live score of an ongoing match? What if you are in an area with poor cellular reception and wishes to know how the match of your favorite team went? This is where football scores apps like FOOTSBY Live Scores come in.

Live-scores, fixtures, tables & more

If you struggle with remembering the dates and times of the matches of your teams, or you want to always stay informed about all the latest happening in the football world the FOOTSBY Live Scores app is the best choice for you. Not only will you get the latest scores of all the matches in the most popular leagues in the world, you’ll get the ability to set reminders for important games, you’ll also get the latest standings, results, scores, fixtures, schedules and all-around info about injuries, transfers and more football news, all within one amazing app.

Never miss your favorite team games

FOOTSBY is an all in one app for every football enthusiast. With the app you get to see the live scores for 15 of the best and most popular football leagues of the world. Spanish, German, English, Italian and more, no matter which one you follow the most, FOOTSBY got you covered. With the FOOTSBY Live Score app you’ll get the live scores of all the matches, be informed of everything that’s happening in the moment like substitutions, who scored the goals, injuries, red and yellow cards etc. You’ll also get in depth analysis of all past games, schedules for future games, and reminders for the games you don’t want to miss. The FOOTSBY app also have a live real-time chat where user can cheer their favorite teams together, discuss the statistics and happenings of the matches and get excited about football together.

If you were searching for a great live scores app, you can look no further and try FOOTSBY Live Scores. You can find and download the app, completely for free at the Google Play or the App store.

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