Free Music for YouTube – Amazing Background Music Player for Your Android


One of the most annoying restrictions on YouTube for Android is that it automatically pauses the video you’re watching or listening to when you navigate to another screen or open another app on your device. But there are ways around this. There are apps especially developed for this purpose. With using the right background music player you will be able to listen to your favorite songs while surfing your smartphone in the same time. We found the app for you. Let’s discuss about this player.

What is Free Music for YouTube?

Free Music for YouTube is an amazing background music player developed for android users that like to better their music experience. On the app, users will enjoy simple navigation and user interface as a quality music sound with powerful music equalizer. Using this amazing background YouTube player, users will be able to search for their favorite music and listen to their favorite songs anytime and anywhere they want. With wide variety of songs and multiple music categories, on the app users will enjoy their music with great design and high volume.

Why do we love this music player?

On this music player, users will have the chance to experience their music on another, even better than ever before. Without the need to buy the tracks, every track that the users wants to listen to can be found and listen to easily and free on this app. Any song can be played in the background with the smart floating YouTube feature that allows users to surf their android device while listening to music. With the wide variety of songs offered and the built -in categories, users can use the smart search feature to look for any song to play it.  Completely safe for using, this app allows users to feel protected every time they search and listen to music. Cool and beautiful sound quality is offered by the app as a very powerful music equalizer that allows users to completely enjoy each time they listen to their favorite music on this awesome background music player. Play music non-stop!

Download the app now on Google Play for free and enjoy playing your favorite songs!

Google Play Download Link: Free Music for YouTube