FriendLinks – Location Tracking App for all of Your Needs



You can share your location through virtually any of the major social networking apps out there today like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – but that doesn’t mean that you always should, especially if your profiles are public and you’ve got a lot of friends or followers who may as well be considered complete strangers. Location sharing apps are still a fun a way to tell your closest friends or family members what you’re up to, and there are lots of apps out there you can use to specifically do just that, without blasting your exact location to everyone on the open Internet. These kinds of apps also give you flexible control of your privacy settings, so you can customize exactly what you do and don’t want to share, and with whom.

FriendLinks versatile uses

FriendLinks is a location sharing app developed for Android devices we found have numerous uses and advantages for its users. With this app you can know and see where somebody is at a particular moment of time. Whether that is your close friends, your family members or employees, you can see where they are in any given moment on the map. You can search for a particular friend or family member and find out where they are or you can search for a location and see which of them may be or are there. It can be a great tool for parents to keep a close eye on the whereabouts of their beloved children, business owners can see the whereabouts of their employees, or friends can use it to keep track of each other in a crowded festival venue. FriendLinks uses and purposes can be numerous and vast, making it a very versatile and useful app.

FriendLinks key features

This app has many different features that can be implemented for different uses. Parents can create circles around their children’s schools and this way they can see their children moving in and out or in the school’s vicinity and get a notification when their children enter or leave that circles. These circles can be created anywhere on the map like play grounds, parks, academies, markets, libraries or neighborhoods. Other fun feature of FriendLinks is that the app will send you a notification whenever one of your friends or family members are close to you, to be more exact if they are within a 100 meters around you. This way you’ll know when someone is in your close vicinity and if you have the time you can go out to their location and say hi. Within FriendLinks users can create, share, and view posts from other users in the 5km around them area.

FriendLinks is an amazing location sharing app packed with fun and useful features that can be used in various different ways. There can be a lot of tricky situations in real life where an app like FriendLinks comes in handy. So if you want to download it and try it out, you can find FriendLinks for free at the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store download link: FriendLinks