Fruity Jump – Addictive & Entertaining Arcade Game


Everyone likes playing fun and addictive games on their smartphone. So, one type of games that offers fun and entertainment, keeping your attention every time you play are certainly the arcade games. But, finding quality arcade game with amusing gameplay that will keep your attention every time you are playing is very difficult because many games are offered out there. We searched and we have one great arcade for you. Let’s see what the game is offering you.

What is this game about?

The interesting fact about this game is that is developed by students in the 8th great at Magnolia Science Academy in San Diego. The game is created as an arcade tap game with one easy to play and fun gameplay and suitable for every age. Developed for both IOS and android users, the game offers entertaining and addictive gameplay with tapping and jumping in one fun fruity world. The users will enjoy the colorful fruity design and the entertaining sound effects when they are jumping and tapping. The players get a simple task while getting addicted on their first try.

Why do we choose it?

The Fruity jump is offering its players one colorful worlds of jumping fruits set in this fun arcade gameplay, letting players enjoy playing and challenging their fast reactions. The task that the player has is simple. The player needs to beat the boss with jumping the fruits over objects in the kitchen with reacting fast and avoiding the obstacles on the way. In the game, the player will need to tap once on the screen to jump or to tap twice on the screen to double jump. Longer the player taps and jumps, bigger the chances to beat the boss and win the game. Playing this simple but highly fun game, players will never get bored again for sure they will always want to play again. With the game, the players will certainly test their reactions and tapping skills, mastering the game and beating the boss in the fruity world.

Download this game now on Google Play and App Store for free.

Google Play Download Link: Fruity Jump

App Store Download Link: Fruity Jump

Magnolia Science Academy: Fruity Jump


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