Fun 2048 Puzzle Game app for kids with lovely and beautiful Masha


Puzzle games, just like every other genre, are sharing in the mobile gaming boom. Touchscreen controls are ideal for intuitive control of puzzle elements, and short, sharp mental challenges are perfect for gaming on the go. From abstract games and physics puzzles to murder mysteries and more, check out our pick one of the 20 challenging puzzle games that you can enjoy anywhere.

What is 2048 Puzzle Game app?

Now let’s see what’s on the menu for today. Namely, we gladly want to introduce you the 2048 puzzle game app that is simple and easy to play and you can very easily get addicted to it! The game is ideal for kids with beautiful Masha as the main character in it that will melt children’s heart very easily. Just 3 minutes playing 2048, may help enhance a child’s memory.

What does the game offer?

But that is not all. This lovely puzzle will make many benefits for children as they develop, and teach kids to use their own minds to figure out how to solve problems. The game incorporates high-quality sound effects and game graphics so it’s quite enjoyable to play. The whole point of this game is that the player must get 2048 title, combine two similar numbers to get a double number for them. For example 8.. 16 …32..64… 1024 .. etc.

Free to play

If you find puzzle 2048 game as perfect for your little ones then check it out on Google Play Store and download it for free. Growing kids and educate them through playfulness and fun it’s very important in the whole process, so give it a try and write your experience with us back.


Google Play Download Link: Fun 2048 Puzzle Game