Furyman: The Dragon Warrior – Addictive Casual Fighting Game


Fighting games have evolved quite a bit since the arcade games you’ve played on your childhood arcade machines. These games nowadays are quite popular among smartphone users and can entertain you while you fight opponents and test your fighting skills for the highest scores. Among so many of these games developed, choosing the most exciting and interesting one is hard. We looked and we found one amazing hyper-casual arcade fighting game that you need to try – Furyman: The Dragon Warrior.

What is Furyman: The Dragon Warrior?

Furyman: The Dragon Warrior is a hyper-casual arcade game where you need to defeat the highest possible amount of opponents located in two different lanes. Easy to play, addictive and very exciting, this arcade is developed for Android users and offers players to test their fighting skills as they try to defeat their enemies to get their high scores and progress. The game offers a control button connected to a corresponding lane and if the player makes a mistake he will lose a life.

Why do we love this game?

In this hyper-casual arcade game, the player is offered features that will keep him constantly interested in playing. By rapidly defeating enemies, players get the ability to achieve a temporary fury mode where they become untouchable. Every third fury mode initiation gives the player a bonus life and the combo mode keeps up with the pace at which the player defeats the opponents. With increasing the amount of brain and coin drops from the enemies, which in turn make it easier to unlock additional content for the game.

The player’s general score together with combo counter influences the amount of the experience which is gained, consequently how fast your hero will achieve another level.  By taking part in multiple exams in each level, you can accomplish certain consecutive tasks that are related to particular scores or combo threshold. For each successful exam, you get a new belt and for each failed exam you can repeat it by using coins. Four different locations and 8 playable characters to choose from, you will have 10 different enemies and various exams to take in order to progress and get high scores.

Download the game for free on Google Play and try to defeat as many of the opponents on your way!

Official Website: Furyman: The Dragon Warrior

Google Play Download Link: Furyman: The Dragon Warrior


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