Gainbuzz – Business App for Advertisers, Media Buyers & Sellers


Advertisers, media buyers, and media sellers know how hard and time consuming it can be to plan, organize and bring the media sales process online without the right tools in their hands. One of the simplest and smartest ways for them to do that is by using an online business platform. Because finding the most efficient platform for these media sales purposes is hard, we decided to help and we discovered one amazing business app to help you with that. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this business app about?

This advertising platform is developed for both Android and iOS users, offering them a simple and efficient way to discover detail information on 1000s of media types such as locations, rates, availability and much more at their fingertips. With this business app, all businesses are able to list, discover and book local advertising spots using the web and mobile application for enabling faster and smarter media buying and planning. This app is bringing for users the entire media sales process online and because of that is suitable for media buyers, media sellers, and advertisers.

Why do we choose Gainbuzz?

Gainbuzz has to offer features that are specially created to suit the user if he is an advertiser, a media buyer or a media seller. Media buyers and media sellers using the app will connect with different marketplace applications which will enable faster and smarter media buying and planning. Media buyers and advertisers using the app will be able to create a buzz, reach a mass audience or direct locals their front door, easily achieving their business goals. With the help of the app, the users can request more information on media assets they already browsed as well launch an entire campaign on the go easily.

The media sellers with the Pro version of the app are able to manage their asset inventory and focus on growing their business, easily gaining visibility and generating more business, even enhancing their ROI. The app allows media sellers to add different media assets and their availability up to date, to receive notifications for new inquiries and book requests, creating proposals and promoting to potential advertisers. Medial sellers can even organize conversations with advertisers, add contacts and manage accounts bookings, sending and receiving payments securely.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to manage the media sales process online!

Official Website: Gainbuzz

Google Play Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz

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App Store Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro

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