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Nowadays for our smartphones there tons of games developed that we can play on the go, to simply entertain ourselves or to even test our skills and sharpen our brains. The most fun smartphone games to challenge you while you have fun playing are certainly the puzzle games. Because so many of these puzzle games are offered, finding the most addictive one that offers many challenges and hours of fun is not easy. Luckily for you, we have one incredibly exciting puzzle game to offer you. Let’s discuss about Boxle.

What is Boxle?

Boxle is a fun and yet challenging puzzle game that is developed for both IOS and android users that like to challenge themselves. You just can’t put down box game down, it’s so simple to play and it offers you hours of fun playing and testing your puzzling skills. With sharp graphics and cool sounds, you will get hooked to playing on your first try. The task is to drag puzzle pieces to form the suitable colored boxes in order for the boxes to disappear. Try to complete as many of the boxes as you can.

Why do we love this puzzle game?

This puzzle game with its features offered will keep your attention each time you play, sharpening your brain as you are puzzling and entertaining you in the same time. All you need to do is to drag the puzzle pieces onto the grid to form boxes of the same color. Complete the boxes and they will disappear, bringing you points. Play the box puzzle game until you can’t fit the next piece.

You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty, the easy with rotating blocks and block preview, the medium with just a block preview or the hard one where you are completely on your own. The game can be played in the relaxed mode, at your own leisure or you can race against the clock to see how many blocks you can complete. To earn the highest scores you need to complete as many boxes as possible. Larger groups of boxes earn you extra points. Try to complete all the boxes you can before you run out of puzzle pieces.

Download the game on App Store and Google Play for free to complete the boxes and earn your points!

App Store Download Link: Boxle

Google Play Download Link: Boxle


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