Game of the Day – Marine vs Zombies


Love those zombie attack games? Interested in building an army and destroying the constant treat of zombies? Well, Marine Vs Zombies is the perfect game for you! We had great time playing and decided to make it our game of the day.

The story

You are in a city which is constantly attacked by raging zombies. They are of different powers and different skill sets. You need to build and equip a team of marines that will destroy the treat.


All your available marines are located in the bottom left corner. That is where your weapons and powerups will be located too. Place them on the game area and watch them destroy the zombies.

To make the most of the game, you need to make use of all types of available soldiers and the 3 types of skills. There are various upgrade systems like health, damage, range, critical which you need to take care of.

All this is followed by great graphics, and exciting sound effects. The whole atmosphere is inviting and enjoyable. It’s indeed a well-made and fun zombie game!

If this all sounds interesting, you may start your zombie battle now for free. 40 super-exciting levels are awaiting you.

Google Play Download Link: Marine vs Zombies


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