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The ability to learn new tricks and solve simple math problems involving basic arithmetic, fractions, percentages, equations, etc., mentally is quite helpful in our day to day life. But the problem is, the good old academia doesn’t teach math in an entertaining and engaging way. That is where math game apps come into play. Using fun games, you can improve your basic math skills tremendously. Today we introduce you a fun math game in Math Genies Challenge Game.

What is Math Genies Challenge Game?

This Android math game puts your basic math skills to real test. But it does that in a completely fun way. It adds the factor of pressure and time to make it fun and exciting. Additionally, there are global math competitions where you compete with other players for the best math genies trophies and prizes.

Game Modes

Each of the basic math operations has its own separate practice mode. When you select a certain mode, you get 3 lives and the math challenge starts. The operation is at the top and the result is below that. You need to select if that result is correct or wrong. You need to do it fast, because there are just few seconds to select the right answer. One guess is 1 point, and 1 miss takes 1 life. The goal is to score as much as possible before you lose all 3 lives.

For a small monthly subscription, you can further make the game more interesting. You will be able to compete on various math challenges and against other players of the game. This gives the game a more entertaining and competitive nature.

This math competition game is available for free on Google Play, and anyone who likes simple brain training math games should give it a try.

Google Play Download Link: Math Genius Challenge Game


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